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BE Girl 2

((Friday Five—Breaking Out in Song))

from Too Many Annas.

Does your character have any musical inclinations? Can he or she sing or play an instrument?
Lilith can sing, but not spectacularly. She is wont to hum lullabies and chant prayers or incantations. Her voice, singing or otherwise, could be described as "soothing." As for instruments, Lilith plays none.

If yes, are they trained or self-taught? If no, have they ever tried to make music of any kind?
No, can't say Lil ever has time or would even think about it. She may write poetry once in a blue moon, but setting it to music has never crossed her mind.

What kind of music, if any, reminds your character of home?
Lilith never really had a "home." She spent half her childhood in an orphanage in Silvermoon, and thus the sounds of screaming children would probably remind her of that. Not necessarily any specific type of music would, though.

What kind of music would your character listen to, if given an iPod?
Probably indie or folk. Maybe some classic rock.

If you had to pick a song or two to represent your character, what song(s) would that be?
Inside Job by Pearl Jam; Hope by Rush.

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